windenergie op zee

Working on a coffee table book about Offshore wind energy!

I want to let you know I’m working on a coffee table book about offshore wind energy. The coffee table book “Offshore Wind” is a hardcover book that is intended to sit on a coffee table or similar surface in an area where guests sit and are entertained. The book is for anyone who might pick the book up for a light read with basics and with less jargon than other books on the subject.

It’s a great pleasure to be working on this specific book project together with a lot of people sending me photographs and texts.

The book will be published in the Autumn 2013.

Your Company can sponsor this book. (see below)


Clean energy from the sea / Schone elektriciteit van zee

Offshore wind energy is new. We are in great need of clean electricity. The North Sea is a vast area with much wind. There is a lot of energy available. We can build wind farms in the sea, which are invisible from the coast in order to fulfil our climate and environmental objectives. We have companies who can do this. We have already built dozens of offshore wind farms: In Denmark, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany and along the Dutch coast. We can do this more efficiently and cheaper. It can be done with public acceptance. Offshore wind provides enjoyable and meaningful employment. This book shows how the work at sea is done. The companies who do the job. The costs and the financiers involved. How we use the potential of this vast sea area. We focus on the aspects that play a role in the offshore business such as the research into developing new wind turbines, technical innovations and ecological investigations. This book will give you a complete overview of this new energy source.

Offshore Wind, is a richly illustrated book in two languages (English and Dutch): a promotional book about clean electricity from the North Sea for a wide audience.

1st Edition:                    3000 copies

                                   at least 120 pages full color

Release date:                November 2013

Distribution:               direct to the sponsors and through a website

Price:                               € 27.50 (incl VAT excl shipping)


A sponsor (with mentioning small logo)          € 750, – (excl. VAT) + 5 books free
B sponsor (big logo)                                               € 1750, – (excl. VAT) + 15 books free


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